9 Quotes about Branding

15 Nov 9 Quotes about Branding


In this blog post, we’ll present 9 quotes from one of the biggest branding experts: Marty Neumeier.

This quotes explain deeply what’s branding? What are the main points to focus on when building your brands.

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Here are the most important points when you want to build your brand:

  • Stand away from the competition, differentiate your brand from the competition.
  • Branding is not selling. You have to give your customers the desire to buy for you.
  • Your customers must be fans of your brand. It’s about building a strong relationship with them.
  • Stay always connected with them.
  • Ask frequently questions about your strategy and positioning. A brand has to think about the future not only the present.
  • Don’t focus on products or characteristics, but on meaning and value you offer.