Brand Strategy

Developing a brand strategy is the most important step in the brand creation process. We perform a deep analysis of your brand, your customers and your competition to understand how we can position your brand and which direction to take.

Our process in based on 10 axes.

Brand Audit

Our brand audit aims to study the competition, your key messages and your the brand value.

Here are the 5 steps of our brand audit:

  1. Identify the competition
  2. Collect information
  3. Identify the key messages
  4. Look into the brand identity
  5. Examine your naming strategy


Positioning is the foundation of the brand strategy. By choosing the right positioning, you’ll differentiate your brand and position it in the customer’s mind.

A good positioning permits a deep understanding of the customer’s needs.

positionnement agence de branding
agence de branding paris


Do you struggle selling your products or attracting more clients? A rebranding will change your brand. The cause may be that your clients don’t recognise your brand correctly or that your products are not valuable in their eyes.

Rebranding rebuilds your brand in the right manner.

After performing a brand audit and reviewing all your brand elements, we will develop a new brand identity that fits your values and your customers needs.


Cobranding is a brand partnership that gives you the opportunity to gain visibility, to attract new client targets or new countries. In the cobranding project we:

  • Analyse your needs and develop a partnership plan
  • Research partners who will help you gain awareness
  • Put in action the plan and follow it

Feel free to contact us to discuss any cobranding opportunity.

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Naming & Renaming

Your brand name sticks to you forever. It’s a key factor in building your brand. Choosing the wrong one could have a negative effect on your brand. This process requires knowledge in marketing, brand law and langages.

Our naming process helps you create a name that fits your message and positioning.