Our Branding Agency


Our Story

During a business trip to NYC, Manaf the founder has discovered the power of brands. He was discussing with an entrepreneur met there about France, when the first thing the entrepreneur said about France was DIOR. When he came back to France, Manaf noticed the lack of branding and decided to create his agency.

The brand has no boundaries, it makes certes passion, desire and attraction. The Branding Agency was created to serve this purpose.

The Founder

Manaf Marouane has more than 10 years of experience in business and marketing. He worked for blue chip companies.  After spending the major time in Paris, he decided to develop branding as a real discipline.

Manaf studied in the Wharton School. He writes for several magazines. He’s writing a book about branding.

Our principles and our team

We are the agency that do everything differently.

Our team is based in 4 continents. We master all the aspects of business: strategy, marketing and communication.