Branding is what your customers think about you, your product or service. It’s not what you think about. Branding is about building a relation with them. For this reason, it’s a long process that requires a mix of strategy, marketing, design and communication.


Why branding?

Many companies create products or services but encounter difficulties to sell them. Despite spending an important amount of money in advertising and marketing, their products lack something. The principal reason of this failure is that they don’t know what their customers think about. Is he ready to pay the price? Why your product and not the competitor’s one?  Why people will be willing to buy from you for a higher price?

Branding helps companies to answer these questions.

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Who is concerned with branding?

Branding doesn’t only concern big companies. Small and medium companies need, more than others, to build a real identity and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Every company should invest in its branding.  It’s the unique way to survive and be recognizable by their clients and prospects.

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How to hire a branding agency?

Before hiring a branding agency in order to build your brand, you have to interview them and ask the following questions:

1.What’s branding for you?

Many agencies considers that branding is the same thing as design, communication or advertising. It’s totally wrong. The aim of branding is to turn your customers into fans who will buy from you without thinking about price or anything else. Design and communication are just parts of a whole branding strategy.

2. Why do you want to work for us?

This question will help you see if the agency is interested in your domain. Did it researches before meeting you? Why they want to work on your project.

3. What’s your process?

This is the most important question. Every branding agency must develop its own strategic process to build a brand. If it’s not the case, step away from them.

4. What are your areas of expertise?

Building strong brands needs different skills. It’s preferable if the agency controls the whole process of brand building: brand strategy but also other important domains such as digital marketing, design and video making for example.

5. What makes you different?

How can a branding agency help you differentiate yourself from the competition if they don’t do it for themselves. You should also ask them what they do in order to gain awareness in their field.

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  • 01 Research

    • Define the vision, the mission statement and the values of the brand
    • Marketing researches
    • Evaluate the existing brand


  • 02 Strategy

    • Develop positioning
    • Clarify brand strategy
    • Naming
    • Develop key messages

  • 03 Identity Design

    • Brand Design
    • Finalise brand architecture
    • Visualise the futur
    • Présent the visual strategy

  • 04 Touch Pointst

    • Finalise the corporate identity
    • Develop the brand look: website, business cards, packaging,etc ..
    • Advertising, interior design and company uniform

  • 05 Brand Management

    • Internal launch
    • Communication with employees about the new brand
    • Standards and instructions communication
    • External launch