Video Marketing

The Branding Agency decided to launch video marketing, a new and innovative service. This service aims to help our clients gain visibility, attract more visitors and convert them with video.

How does it work?

Many video companies exist. these companies spend the majority of their time in shooting and editing. They consider corporate videos as the other type of videos. However, the goal of these videos is to sell your products or services. For this, you need two important things:

  • A pitch or a sales copy that attracts and converts
  • A well ranked video to help your clients find you easily

Our video marketing service includes:

  1. Writing an attracting pitch
  2. Making the video: shooting, lighting, sound, etc …
  3. Post-production: Editing, chroma keying, subtitles, etc …
  4. Video SEO: Make your video 1st in Google and Youtube.

The Benefits of Video

The video is engaging

Video conveys emotion more than text and images.

It easily conveys your message to your prospects and clients facilement.

The Video enhances your visibility

Youtube is as powerful as Google. With more that 4 billions searches, it became the 2nd search engine after Google.

Our Video SEO service makes you appear in the 1st page of google search. Thanks to this, you’ll attract more visitors to your website.

Video converts

A recent study of KISSMETRICS shows that persons who saw videos are 80% more likely to buy. Video acts like a magnet and steers people to act quickly. They feel more confortable when they see you and you behave trustworthy for them. It’s why they buy from you.

Video develops your awareness

Video gives more crediblity because it takes courage to be in front a camera.

You step head of your competitors. You look more reliable.

Video reinforces your branding

When you offer high quality videos to your clients, you give them the opportunity to interact and and engage with your brand. You convey your message and identity which reinforces significantly your brand mantra.